For Honor's fifth season of added content will begin on February 15, Ubisoft has announced. The new season is called Age of Wolves, and as well as bringing "major" hero updates and lots more, it will also finally mark the introduction of dedicated servers to the medieval fighting game on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The new server setup won't arrive immediately, however. "Dedicated server infrastructure will be implemented in For Honor during Season 5," Ubisoft stated in a press release. "This implementation will remove the resyncing, session migrations, and NAT requirements that players currently have and deliver stable connectivity on all platforms. The exact timing of the implementation will be communicated at a later date."

Included in the new season itself will be updates to five existing heroes. Kensei, Conqueror, Highlander, Berserker, and Nobushi will all receive "major gameplay updates in order to re-balance the available roster." In particular, Kensei and Conqueror will receive new movesets, while Highlander, Berserker, and Nobushi will merely get "meaningful balancing updates." After Season 5 ends, five more For Honor characters will receive similar updates, and the game will also add three new training modes over the course of the season.

Few other specifics have been revealed about the upcoming season, which begins a year after the game first launched, though Ubisoft says its focus is on the game's "quality of life." To that end, it says Season 5 will include a new reputation level cap, a new gear progression system, the shift of the 4v4 Ranked Mode from Dominion to Tribute, and a new item that boosts XP in exchange for Salvage. Plenty more is coming to the game in 2018, as the company plans another full year of content updates.

Source: GameSpot