For Honor's latest patch, version 1.08, is out now on PC, and publisher Ubisoft has shared what will be included in the new update.

Firstly, players will now face a penalty if they quit in the middle of a match. Ubisoft calls the punishment a "10-minute matchmaking penalty," but it doesn't elaborate on exactly what that entails. There will, however, be a 30-second grace period at the start of each match where you can quit without punishment "to account for incomplete groups/matchmaking issues." The penalty also "only applies to games played through matchmaking."

Elsewhere, the update introduces some small balance tweaks and bug fixes, meaning Shinobi is now immune to Guard Break while rolling, you'll now be rewarded for Player vs AI matches, and you'll no longer see the climbing animation when nowhere near a ladder.

The update will come to consoles "late next week." Take a look at the full patch notes here.

Just a couple of weeks ago, For Honor entered its second season of content drops. Season 2 has already added new heroes and maps, including Forge, which is set in a wintry steel mill, and Temple Garden, which plants you in the beautiful and serene grounds of a traditional Japanese temple.

Source: GameSpot