Ubisoft is giving away For Honor on PC for the next week. Download it via Uplay before Aug. 29 and it’s yours to keep. This is the base game; For Honor has had several seasons of content, with new characters, maps and the like, since its February 2017 launch. Still, this is a way to get in on the action of a new IP that has really put in work to build and maintain a community.

Currently, For Honor is in its seventh season, “Storm and Fury,” which reworked the Warden and Valkyrie heroes (they debuted with the game’s original launch). It’s also in the middle of a limited-time event called Reigning Inferno, which introduced the new mode called Infernal Dominion, a variant on the standard Dominion game type.

For Honor was also offered free by the Epic Games Store at the beginning of August, so if you missed it then or remain morally opposed to that storefront, now’s your chance to pick it up. PlayStation Plus also gave out For Honor at the beginning of the year. Bottom line, there’s not much excuse not to have this somewhere in your library by now.

Source: Polygon