Ubisoft has announced what's in the upcoming For Honor closed beta. According to IGN, you can play as nine of the game's 12 different heroes, spread between three factions: Knights, Samurai, and Vikings. Additionally, the beta will let you try three of the game's five multiplayer modes, including Dominion (4v4), Brawl (2v2), and Duel (1v1), on three maps.

What's more, the beta lets players try For Honor's Faction War mode, which is described as a "global, persistent and cross-platform event" for the three factions.
The For Honor beta runs January 26-29 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

For Honor launches in full not long after the beta, on February 14. A $220 Collector's edition will be available with a 14-inch statue. Whichever version you choose, an internet connection is required to play, even in the game's single-player modes. Also of note: the previously confirmed split-screen mode has been cut.

Source: GameSpot