Season Two of For Honor, known as Shadow and Might, goes live at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET. As previously detailed, two new maps and various gameplay updates will be available then for all players. Season pass owners immediately get their hands on the two new characters, while all other players will have to wait for May 23, when they'll be made available for purchase using the in-game currency Steel.

In addition to the free maps, the gear system has been "overhauled," according to Ubisoft. This includes balance changes and tweaks to stats that have been deemed either useless or redundant, as well as a way to see percentage increases when comparing pieces of gear. Alongside this, a new Epic level of gear will be introduced that raises the gear score cap from 108 to 144.

New territories are also being added to the Faction War map, but maybe the main highlight of Season Two is the addition of two new characters. The Centurion is a close-quarters Knight hybrid, while the Shinobi is a Samurai assassin. You can see these in action in the gameplay clips above and below.

Source: GameSpot