A major new update for swordfighting game For Honor has been released on all platforms. Along with new content, it also makes some improvements and resolves an exploit that was controversially used to win a recent For Honor esports tournament.

For Honor update 1.11 introduces two new characters. The Highlander is a Viking Hybrid character who hits hard but is challenging to play; he wields a claymore and has Offensive and Defensive stances. The Gladiator is a Knight Assassin with high attack speed who has a trident and is easier to play.

There are also a pair of new maps. The Knight-themed Sentinel is set in a cliffside watchtower and can be played in any game mode. The Viking-themed Viking Village can also be played in all modes, except for Dominion.

As for the exploit, Nobushi's "unlock tech" has been addressed. "There are a number of situations where unlocking during an attack can cause it to become un-parryable by the opponent," Ubisoft explained in the patch notes. "Across the game, we're currently working to remove this unintended behavior."

This is notable in light of a For Honor tournament that took place this past weekend, in which a player, Jakub "SB.Alernakin" Palen, won by taking advantage of Nobushi. He didn't lose a single set en route to taking the $10,000 prize, culminating in what arguably seemed like a contentious trophy ceremony.

The 1.11 update makes a number of other balance changes as well--you can check out all of these in the full patch notes here. With this release, Season 3 is underway, which will see Ubisoft continue trying to fix the game.

Source: GameSpot