For Honor’s fourth season of fighting begins soon, bringing with it two new playable characters, a new mode and two more maps.

Full details may be found in the video below. The new characters bring each faction’s hero roster to six. The new characters are the aramusha (for the Samurai faction) and the shaman (Vikings).

They (and the rest of the content) will be available Nov. 14 for those who bought the game’s season pass, and on Nov. 21 for all players. They have to be unlocked with 15,000 Steel, For Honor’s in-game currency.

Season Four also introduces the previously announced Tribute Mode. In Tribute Mode, factions contest for one of three “Offerings,” to bring back to their base shrine to give a buff to all members of their team. Season Four also means the debut of ranked play in the Dominion mode.

Source: Polygon