Microsoft has added five new games today to its backwards compatibility program, including four Xbox Live Arcade titles. That means you can play all of them on your Xbox One and, if you own them digitally, you'll find them waiting in the Ready to Download section of the My Games and Apps area (they're also available for purchase).

If you're in the mood to be Indiana Jones, Xbox 360's Deadfall Adventures is now available. It's a first-person shooter infused with elements from action-adventure games, set in exotic yet deadly environments.

If you want to relive the early days of the 360, on the other hand, Mutant Storm Reloaded has been added too. It's a classic '80s-style shooter with colorful graphics. It joins three other Xbox Live Arcade games, now available on the Xbox One. 0 Day Attack on Earth, Girl Fight, and Yosumin! LIVE are all playable as of today.

The library of games in the Xbox One backwards compatibility library just keeps growing. Just this week, the first original Xbox games were added. here's likely a lot more on the way, too, as Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said backwards compatibility is very important.

Source: GameSpot