Our first glimpse of gameplay from Infamous: Second Son has been released via the official Playstation magazine's YouTube.

The video jumps on-board with our protagonist Delsin Rowe while he attacks what seems to be a military outpost. With Second Son set seven years after Infamous 2, the world is a different place; which is perfectly depicted through the series of announcements heard throughout the complex that Delsin is traversing. The country now seems to be under a totalitarian law, and people with abilities like Delsin have been labeled as bio-terrorists.

The video gives us a sneak peak at some of the addictive combat that Second Son will provide. For the most part, it follows the same elements that Infamous 2 followed; the character can shoot balls of energy (fire in this case) at enemies or charge the attack for more devastating effects. Outside of projectile battling, the melee combat has received a more notable change. Instead of Cole's Lightning Rod (which for all intensive purposes was a steel pole), we now have a chain - which Delsin puts to full effect in a plethora of interesting ways!

Delsin himself is a very intriguing character compared to Cole. In Infamous 1+2, Cole played the reluctant-hero role, where-as Delsin has a serious swagger about him - he loves being what he is. His power seems to be heavily based around fire; his projectiles and super-moves are fire-based, while his fluid movement revolves around smoke. By literally turning into smoke, Delsin can traverse Seattle quickly through the series of vents and chimneys around the city; allowing him to remain undetected and more importantly, to deliver a series of face-melting (literally) stealth take downs!

The mystery behind Second Son stays intact, but the gameplay trailer has given us a handful of information that'll be analysed and speculated over in the coming months. With the game poised as a launch title for PS4, expect to hear more soon! For now, enjoy the gameplay video below.