Earlier this morning, the online retailer 'Amazon' have announced the release of their new console/streaming device which is named 'Amazon Fire TV'. The console has been through the rumor mill for the last several months and many critics were wondering whether Amazon were just speculating at a project which would be unimaginable, however it seems that Amazon's intentions are clear, they are ready to join the gaming industry, battling it out with some of the largest conglomerates across the world included Sony and Microsoft.

So what exactly is this 'Fire TV'? Amazon briefly explained their outlines for the ambitious project in a media event earlier today hosted in New York City. " The device features a quad-core best-in-class processor with a dedicated GPU, as well as 2GB of RAM. We are promising 2X the performance of competitors like Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast. The Amazon Fire TV will also ship with a Bluetooth controller that has a microphone in it for voice control."

Unlike many of the new consoles which have tried to battle with the gaming giants, it seems that Amazon have hooked up with many of the finest game developers to help this console become a success, these include EA, Disney and Sega whom will all create future games for the Fire TV. Not only are Amazon working with others, they are also planning on creating their own games through Amazon Game Studios, whom have already a game in development. The first game to be released onto the Fire TV will be created by AGS and will be a third person shooter called Sev-Zero.

The most impressive aspect of the console is its price, the Fire TV will launch for $99 whilst the controller will sell for $40. Overall a bundle is likely to cost the consumer a manageable $140 however we are unaware of what will be included.

The console and controller are already available to buy here, what are your thoughts? do you believe that the Fire TV could be a successful games console? will it sell? have your say below!