As of now, none of the original founders from PopCap Games (creators of the Plants VS. Zombies series) exist at the company. John Vechey, who was the last co-founder to remain with the company since CEO Dave Roberts and other co-founder Jason Kapalka left PopCap in January of this year, has left PopCap. PopCap are not finished however, because as you may or may not know, they are a subsidiary of Electronic Arts, who purchased the company back in 2011 for 750 million dollars.

EA have since stated that PopCap will indeed continue to operate as an EA studio lead by Cara Ely, Jon David and Steve Mauri. This is quite controversial news to some fans, as it is well known that EA are not the most favourable company in existence, gamers know this better than anyone. Though they have technically owned the company since 2011, there is no longer any original input from PopCap so to speak, due to Vecheys departure. Vechey stated that he was considering this leave during a sabbatical form the company, and has also stated he will be working with “Grist.org”, a non-profit environmental organization.

PopCap have been around since 2000 and produced some very well-known games worldwide. Games like Bejeweled and Peggle are the work of PopCap and many people are grateful for it. Where EA will take PopCap is unknown really, but we are hopeful that they don’t warp the company into something that people dislike.

This news upset me, as I’m a fan of PopCap games and knowing that EA will have their way with them displeases me greatly. Most gamers are not fans of EA and have seen what they can do to make people turn away. They have also been known to darken the names of some companies, like DICE for example. Through no fault of their own DICE have become known as a bad company in some people’s eyes because of EA, and I really hope this does not happen to PopCap.