Square Enix's big role-playing game Final Fantasy XV is coming to PC on March 6, but you won't have to wait that long to check out the newest edition of the title. A free demo for Final Fantasy XV will launch on PC through Steam, Origin, and the Microsoft Store on February 26. The demo spans the full first chapter, including the tutorial and multiple quests.

In a blog post, Square Enix said the demo is also a way for players to find out how well the game runs on their rig and test out the game's various graphics options. Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XV's PC requirements back in January--see them here. Square Enix already released a benchmark tool to help you evaluate your PC's ability to run the game.

In other news, people who buy Final Fantasy XV for PC on Steam by the end of April will receive the Half-Life Pack. This comes with a Gordon Freeman costume, including his famous crowbar, which you can use as a weapon in the RPG.

March 6 is a big day for Final Fantasy XV, as it's also the date that the game's Royal Edition comes to PS4 and Xbox One. As announced previously, this comes with the base game, the four major DLC packs from the season pass, and new DLC launching with the PC edition.

Source: GameSpot