Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition will launch on March 6, and Square Enix announced that there are several bonuses available to buyers, depending on which storefront they purchase the game from. These bonuses are generally of the standard “extra costumes and power-up” — but for Steam users, one of those extra costumes happens to be based on Half-Life star Gordon Freeman.

The Half-Life pack will be available for free to anyone who buys Final Fantasy 15 off Steam before May 1, Square Enix said. Gordon Freeman’s iconic suit isn’t only available for Noctis to wear in the main campaign; players can also equip their customizable characters from the multiplayer expansion Comrades with the accompanying glasses and crowbar.

It looks extremely bizarre in the absolute best possible way.

There are some other T-shirts in the mix, too, but let’s be honest: We can’t stop thinking about this Gordon Freeman suit.

Microsoft Store users will get a nice bundle of Phoenix Downs and Elixirs to use from the start of the game, along with a special sword. The most exciting part of buying off the Microsoft Store, though, is that users’ PC save data will be compatible with the Xbox One version of the game as well. (We’ve asked Square Enix if Xbox One data is similarly compatible with Windows Edition and will update accordingly.) There will also be cross-play for Comrades between the two systems, which Square Enix will add as part of an update sometime after launch.

As for members of Electronic Arts’ Origin service, they’ll be treated to a set of car decals if they pre-order in advance of March 6.

All three platforms will have a demo available on Feb. 26, which will let you play the entirety of the game’s first chapter before the full version launches the following week.

Source: Polygon