PS4 Pro owners can enjoy a much-improved frame rate in Final Fantasy XV from now on: the game's new update introduces an increased frame rate mode to the popular JRPG. The patch, which is out now, also introduces limited-time quests and raises the level cap to 120. You'll also be able to take more photos using Prompto's camera now, and you can even listen to music while riding Chocobos.

Publisher Square Enix had reportedly said in November that the update would offer two modes: one targeting 1080p 60 FPS and one aiming for 4K / 30FPS. It is unclear if these targets are reached; Square Enix has not confirmed the resolution or frame rate of the game post-patch.

In addition, Final Fantasy XV's Booster Pack + DLC launched today. The expansion includes three new combat items: Ragnarok, a powerful one-handed sword; Dragon Drain, a fishing rod that slows fish down, making them easier to catch; and Avior, a reel that pulls fish in with "greater strength."

A free content update, simply called Booster Pack, will launch at a later date. Square Enix recently reached out to ask fans what they wanted from Final Fantasy XV in the future. Announced updates include a change to the controversial Chapter 13 and a new character creation tool, while Japanese players recently received some wacky cup noodle hat DLC. Really.

Source: GameSpot