The previously announced big new update for Final Fantasy XV has arrived. Update 1.09 is not small, coming in at 4.65GB, and it adds a number of features and at least one new item. Starting off, the patch introduces the "stable mode" for PlayStation 4 Pro, which allows the game to hold a consistent frame rate on the souped-on PS4, according to DualShockers. When the Final Fantasy XV patch for PS4 Pro came out earlier this year, it was criticized for making the game perform worse in some circumstances, so this new stable mode sounds like a welcome addition.

Today's 1.09 update also lets you increase the size of menu screen fonts, as well as equipment and subtitles. Additionally, it introduces a ranking system for Final Fantasy XV's mobhunts.

What's more, a new item is available to collect in the form of the Afrosword, which is based on DJ Afrojack equipment. As you can see in the announcement video above, it looks pretty cool, and according to Afrojack, it does extra damage and has its own soundtrack. Every time you equip it, the sound changes, which seems pretty cool.

Source: GameSpot