While Final Fantasy XV itself may not come to Nintendo Switch, the newly announced Pocket Edition of the game could. Game director Hajime Tabata said in an interview with IGN that there is "certainly a chance" that could happen. In fact, the said the probability of that happening is "certainly not zero."

"Obviously we'd have to think about what the meaning and what the significance of bringing this to Switch would be," he explained. "You know, whether people would want to play it and whether it would be the right thing to do for our team."

Right now, the Pocket Edition "doesn't actually have controller support," Tabata clarified.

Earlier this week during Twitch's Gamescom livestream, Tabata said Square Enix wants to "move out and do as much as we can with this game." He went on to tease that a lot of developers at Square Enix are enthusiastic about a console that sounds a lot like Twitch, so you can connect the dots there and get at what he means.

Final Fantasy XV's Pocket Edition is a mobile adaptation of the RPG, with a cute, chibi-esque art style. Gameplay looks to be in the isometric action RPG style, with "casual touch controls optimized for mobile devices." The video above shows off Pocket Edition's recreation of the early scene where Noctis and company have to push the Regalia to a garage after it breaks down. Later, it shows off what navigating the world and combat look like--and we also see that Ignis is still happy to cook the gang a meal.

Pocket Edition will split Final Fantasy XV's main story into ten separate episodes. These will all be available at the same time later this year, with Episode 1 being a free download.

Source: GameSpot