Following the abusive taunts of racist fans in Bulgaria, EA Sports’ FIFA developers have had enough. A set of “No Room For Racism” kits from the English Premier League will be available for FIFA 20’s virtual players, free of charge, in a week-long antiracism campaign beginning today.

The uniform update is another response to England’s 6-0 victory at Sofia, Bulgaria on Monday. In a UEFA Euro 2020 tournament qualifier, spectators showered goal scorers Raheem Sterling and Marcus Rashford with racist invective and fascist salutes. Both players are men of colour. Rashford, who plays professionally for Manchester United, is English-born and Sterling, a forward with Manchester City, emigrated from Jamaica at age 5.

In-game stadium decorations will also accompany the anti-racism message. “Everyone has the right to feel safe and included,” Jesse Lingard, the Man U and England national team winger, said in a statement.

England dominated Bulgaria in the back end of the home-and-home play in Euro 2020’s group stages on Monday, adding a 6-0 result to the 4-0 humiliation performed Sept, 7 at Wembley Stadium. The Three Lions were never seriously challenged in either contest. On Monday, Rashford scored at the seventh minute and Sterling added goals in the 45th minute (past extra time) and 69th (nice).

The Bulgarians’ spiteful behaviour was still enough to cause an official warning near the end of the first half of Monday’s match, and during half-time, the national team’s captain pleaded with fans to quit the abuse. After the game this week, the head of the Bulgarian football association resigned.

Source: Polygon