Another FIFA 18 update has been released, and although it only appears to introduce a pretty small change, it actually fixes a pretty big exploit. Until now, it was possible to trick AI-controlled opposition into fouling you if you went into the corner and shielded the ball. In FUT, this could be utilized to get enemy players sent off and to hence win easily in Squad Battles and boost your rewards significantly.

Now, EA has fixed the issue. The patch notes for the latest update state the developer has "removed the chance for the CPU AI controlled player to receive a second yellow card when trying to push or pull an opponent, with the exception of an attacker who is through on goal and 1 on 1 with the keeper." This doesn't apply to human controlled players, however.

The update improves what was already an accomplished game. However, even though FIFA 18 was received well upon its release, EA says it may not bring out a new football title every year in future. Instead, it may turn to a subscription-based model.

FIFA isn't quite at that stage yet, but it does have plenty of live content updates throughout the year. A different FIFA 18 patch dropped just a couple of weeks ago, FUT continues to evolve each week, and FIFA 18 for Switch was also updated recently.

In other FIFA news, EA says the US national team's failure to qualify for the men's World Cup for the first time since 1986 will not affect the franchise's sales. "The World Cup is the world's largest sporting event and it is followed by all people around the world who love soccer or football, depending on what they call it where they come from," EA CEO Andrew Wilson said. "Does it heighten their enjoyment if their national team is participating? Of course. But we don't see people stopping watching a World Cup just because their team is not there. As you think about the US in particular, we are a very multicultural country."

Source: GameSpot