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February Games With Gold Lineup Revealed

Another great month has passed, and now it's time to reveal Microsoft's batch of free games for the month of February. Microsoft has just revealed...
  1. Aydind
    Another great month has passed, and now it's time to reveal Microsoft's batch of free games for the month of February. Microsoft has just revealed four games that will be free to download for Xbox Live Gold members. These games will be available to play across both consoles, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Last month, Microsoft revealed four games to the community, Killer Instinct: Season 1 Ultra Edition, Zheros, DiRT Showdown, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. This month is a completely different ball game. As last month, the two free games that will be available on Xbox 360 will also be available on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility. This means you can play those two games that were available only on Xbox 360 on your Xbox One as well.

    The first game that players will be able to download and play is Hand of Fate, a hybrid roguelike action RPG deck builder which will be available from February 1-29. The objective of the game is to complete quests, earn new cards, and build decks. Towards the end you draw your cards, play your hand, and discover your fate. The second game title is Styx: Masters of Shadow, a stealth video game which will be available to download from February 16 - March 15. The objective of the games is to make your way through a dark fantasy universe and steal/assassinate enemies to stay alive.

    Continuing with the rest of the lineup, Microsoft presents the third free game to be Sacred Citadel, an action brawler video game which will be available to play from February 1-15. The objective of this game is to defeat all evil within the Ashen empire in a place known as Ancaria, which use to be a peaceful land until it was taken over by the Ashen empire. The last game Microsoft is giving out in this lineup is Gears of War 2, a third person shooter game which will be available from February 16-29. Gears of War 2 is one of the games in the famous series Gears of War. These last two Xbox 360 games will be able to be play on Xbox One as mentioned earlier, as they are both now a part of the backward compatibility program.

    What do you think about the lineup? Will you be playing any of these games? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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  1. H Y X
    Gears yay
  2. Knockels
    Might as well get my first GoW game.
    1. Zodiation
  3. Zodiation
    When will the ever be like the best and give gta v out for free, well they are discounting right now.
    1. Walteri
      You should be thankful that you get anything free. Well partly free. Why do they give the games out? Why those games? The sales are low. They give them free, and the people that didnt quite make it, buy it.
  4. Master
    They need to really up their game.
    1. _ _
      Mostly Classic games that are dieing out they want people to play. Rather then that games people don't even download anymore.
    2. _ _
      Microsoft cheap as always.
  5. televisedfool
    another sub-par showing by Microsoft and Sony for February.

    Why can't they just surprise everyone and bring back some old AAA game for 8th gen consoles?

    It's arcade/indie game month after month after month while the 7th gen consoles usually get an old AAA game.
    1. Adolfin
      GoW 2 isn't bad. I will be downloading it and playing through the story, I really enjoyed that game.
  6. Fleak
    Looks good!
  7. golfmos
    Not bad.
  8. AlienFreek01
    I remember when they first started this. There were such cool classics and it brought life back to the game. Games like halo 3, fable 3, he'll even crackdown were such cool games, and it brought a lot of life to them. Now it's just some arcade games that no one's even knows exist. Free games are free games I guess though, I just wish we could get some of the great classics again. Styx looks pretty cool though, I'll definitely Check that out
      Clout Lord likes this.
    1. VigilateSolis
      Free isn't free, we pay for Xbox live Gold and get all these BS arcade games lmao
    2. _ _
      Don't forget gears of war and Crysis!
  9. 3xTiNcT
    Not the best but better than nothing.
  10. Hamzakid
    Well the Xbox free games are better than they are here on PS4 :/