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Fear Not Sony, Minecraft is inbound!


Wet your throats, wipe the rust from your eye brows, and take a marvelous gander at what might be a monsoon of delightfulness to Sony console owners looking for a piece of the Minecraft: Console Edition pie. As shown above, today Notch delivered news that Minecraft will be debuting sometime in the future on Sony consoles. Aside from shattering the apparent exclusivity of Minecraft in the console world, this irrevocably brings some sweet benefits to the gaming community in many aspects. Whether or not this availability of such a innovative title will please Microsoft is another matter in its own right.

Toting a player base well into the millions, a well built fan base, and creative modding community, Minecraft for the Playstation 4 is set to be released at the time of the PS4 earth shattering release date. Further details are obscured, but they will be trickled down and brought to you on Se7ensins in the future.

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