Far Cry 5 will launch its next round of DLC, this time taking a journey to Mars, next week. The "Lost On Mars" adventure will hit PC, PS4, and Xbox One on July 17. You can buy it standalone for $10, or with the $30 Season Pass. Needless to say, you won't be in Montana anymore.

Instead, Lost on Mars sees the bumble-headed Hurk and Nick Rye head to the red planet to stop an invasion of Earth. You join your two good buddies to take on the alien threat with a host of new equipment, including the Blaster of Disaster, Hellfire, and Morphinator, all of which probably do exactly what they sound like. You can also traverse the planet with Space Jets.

The DLC will also add Mars assets to Far Cry Arcade, allowing you to make and play sci-fi maps. The DLC will unlock some new weapons for use in Hope County as well, in case you really want to show a bunch of cultists who's boss with weapons like the Obliteratorrrr, Taser Phazer Annihilazer, Nerve Reaper, and Grape Popper.

One more DLC adventure, Dead Living Zombies, is set to release next month. Those both join the first expansion content, a Vietnam-themed mission that similarly had you stranded in an unfamiliar locale. GameSpot's Far Cry 5 review praised its gunplay and beautiful open world, despite some major narrative hang-ups and some sub-par story missions.

Source: GameSpot