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Fallout 4's Final DLC Nuka-World Now Available


Fallout 4
has been the target of criticism and praise alike, receiving Game of the Year awards in 2015 as well as inciting rants and negative reviews all across the Internet. No matter where one Fallout 4 player might stand exactly on the game, Far Harbor and Automatron were two fantastic expansions when compared to the base game and assuming Bethesda Softworks can keep up their track record, Nuka-World might just have the same impact.

Nuka-World will be a large theme park divided into several sections: Galactic Zone, Dry Rock Gulch, Safari Adventure, Kiddie Kingdom, and Nuka-Town USA, among other, smaller sections of the park. Galactic Zone will, as the name suggests, revolve around space themes and feature many rides and amusements themed around space (return of the space suit, anyone?). Dry Rock Gulch will give Fallout: New Vegas enthusiasts a bout of nostalgia; the Western-themed section of the park will feature the full cowboy get-up and arsenal. Let's just hope the Cazadors stay in the Mojave. Less is known about Safari Adventure, but with the irradiated creatures like crocodiles and others seen in the trailer, Safari Adventure is likely to be the place where they are seen. Who knows what other animals were mutated by the nuclear bombs? Kiddie Kingdom, the park's kid-friendly area, is perhaps the home of the ruling Raider factions, ironically. With a full castle and courthouse, it's a dream setup for any kind of settlement.

Bethesda Softworks released a new developer trailer to talk about their challenges and goals for Nuka-World's release, while detailing more of the DLC that was not previously known:

Nuka-World is said to be the final DLC released for Fallout 4, though Todd Howard and Pete Hines were open to the idea of more DLC's in the future if their team was up for the challenge. There's no shortage of DLC opportunities for the future of Fallout 4, such as the return of the Enclave, a roaming Caesar's Legion, or another episodic DLC chain like the one we saw in Fallout: New Vegas.

For now, though, Nuka-World will be the last one we see for quite some time at the very least. Nuka-World has released today, August 30, for $19.99 or as included in the Season Pass. It comes with achievements and it will only start for characters above level 30.
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