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Fallout 4's Far Harbor DLC Releases May 19


Fallout 4 picked up the spotlight after its release in November of last year, taking home many awards and even breaking some records. Its release marked a beginning of a new era for developer and publisher Bethesda Softworks, who worked to bring mods to consoles, while continuing to release new and free content via patches and paid DLC releases. Far Harbor is the third DLC to be released, and the final add-on in what Bethesda originally revealed as their "first wave" of DLC that will be made for Fallout 4. Yesterday, the release date for Far Harbor was confirmed to be May 19.

Far Harbor will take players just off the coast of Maine and right into the middle of an escalating dispute between the local residents, a colony of Synths, and the Children of Atom. Players will have considerable freedom when it comes to how the quests will play out and what Far Harbor will become by the end of the quest line. It will come with new faction quests (more settlements that need our help?), enemies, and dangers intended for high-level players. With greater danger, however, comes greater loot and Far Harbor will offer a plethora of new weapons and armor to combat the dangers of this post-apocalyptic Maine. Bethesda has made it known that Far Harbor will feature the largest landmass that they have ever created.

Far Harbor is the third DLC to be released for Fallout 4 and it will be available on all platforms on May 19 for $25 for those without the Season Pass. Far Harbor is included in the Season Pass for those that do own it.
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