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Fallout 4's Automatron DLC Releases Next Week


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With Fallout 4's patch 1.4 going live across PC and consoles, the upcoming DLC titled "Automatron" - the first of three in monthly releases of DLC from developer Bethesda Softworks - will be available to Fallout 4 owners on all platforms as early as next week. Automatron adds a new, almost comic book style antagonist named The Mechanist who has come to the Commonwealth with an army of robots in tow. Characters level 15 and up will be able to rise up against The Mechanist, with the option to use The Mechanist's own creations against him.

Automatron offers the usual slew of new content: weapons, armor and outfits, and weapon mods, but it also allows players to step into the role of The Mechanist by assembling customized robots with the option to upgrade them via mods. Automatron will give players the option to "choose from hundreds of mods," which doesn't seem to be limited by anything. The option to change limbs, weapons, armor, abilities, even paint schemes and voices are all there for players to customize their own unique companion.

Automatron is the first DLC added to Fallout 4, with Wasteland Workshop coming in April and Far Harbor, a full-fledged expansion, releasing in May. Automatron will be available for purchase on March 22 for $9.99 or £7.99; alternatively, it is available as a part of the Season Pass so if you've already picked up the Season Pass, you will have Automatron as soon as it is released.
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