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Fallout 4 Reveal Officially Teased


After a long hiatus in the Fallout saga, it seems Zenimax, the publishers of Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, is intent on giving vigilant fans across the Internet a delicious hint. This hint, painted red with raider blood and sprinkled with a sort of uncontrollable excitement, points towards a reveal for an upcoming Fallout installment. It has been about three long years since Zenimax, Obsidian, and Bethesda has graced the industry with a Fallout installment.

Subtly revealed through Morse code, Zenimax owned website http://thesurvivor2299.com/ indicates that indeed we are set to expect a reveal on 11.12.13 which would be December 11th, 2013 considering that November 12th has already passed us by. This would be around the airing date of the Spike Video Game Awards, so the date is logical.

source code found on http://thesurvivor2299.com
In a hope of fortune and fortitude, one can expect to hear news concerning a possible Fallout 4 installment in the upcoming month. With what little clues are provided by the cryptic website, Fallout 4 would take place in 2299, 15 years after the events of Fallout New Vegas. Taking into consideration the name of the website, players can also assume that Fallout 4's main protagonist will be a survivor rather than a Vault Dweller or a Courier. Of course do note that these are just guesses with what little is provided.​
There is one thing that can irrefutably be said about whatever Zenimax and its affiliates are to reveal: its going to be one fantastic batch of good news.​
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