Fallout 4 Mod Spotlight #1: Essential Mods

This marks the very first part of the official Se7enSins Mod Spotlight series. Covered in this episode will be the "essential" mods that no modded...
  1. Feyfolken
    Fallout 4 has broken records, received a plethora of awards, and occupied countless hours of many Fallout fans across the world. The post-apocalyptic FPS/RPG hybrid offers a unique experience from most other games, but most unique of all, perhaps, is the potential to mod the game and customize it to the preference of each individual player.

    Note: Any mods that are listed on NexusMods are exclusive to PC owners. Mods that have been approved and uploaded to Bethesda.net can be downloaded on either PC or Xbox One and eventually, PlayStation 4.


    Mods are versatile and they vary from creating a simple file tweak to changing every texture in the game to adding brand new areas and locations into the game. Of the thousands of mods available to Fallout 4 owners on PC and Xbox One, there are only a few that truly change the face of the game. In this first part of our Mod Spotlight series, I'll be covering only the essential ones that no modded Fallout 4 playthrough would be complete without.


    True Storms - Wasteland Edition

    My personal favorite mod is True Storms by fadingsignal on NexusMods. True Storms seeks to rebuild the weather system in Fallout 4 from the ground-up. It adjusts the main weather events that can occur and tweaks the frequency of certain weather events. The mod adds some brand new storms altogether and uses new textures and sounds to improve the vanilla weather.

    The variability this mod adds is astounding. No area in the Commonwealth will be the same, as storms and inclement weather will change how areas are experienced. From clear skies to dense fog to hurricane-like weather, True Storms arguably changes more of the Fallout 4 atmosphere and environment than any other mod.

    As of True Storms 1.4, there is Far Harbor support, in-game holotape configuration, and some quality of life changes such as a sneak buff in certain storms and increased chances of Feral Ghoul spawns during radiation storms.

    True Storms is constantly evolving and changing. It's been featured on sites across the entire internet and for good reason. Its redefining of the Fallout 4 game environment and atmosphere has been endlessly praised and no list of the top mods for Fallout 4 would be acceptable without True Storms.

    True Storms by fadingsignal
    / Bethesda.net coming soon


    Darker Nights

    The perfect mod to compliment True Storms, Darker Nights by unforbidable is the premier mod for turning the bright and predictable nights in the Commonwealth into a dark and dangerous battleground where any source of light is your only friend. Darker Nights adds configurable settings to the darkness settings of the night in Fallout 4, instilling a sense of fear for travelers and forcing players to move out during the day or rely on landmarks and lights to maneuver through Boston.

    Darker Nights also allows customization for stealth detection settings so that it makes sense for enemies to detect players with whatever setting they choose.

    This mod goes hand-in-hand with the Survival difficulty setting added in Fallout 4's update 1.5, creating a significant amount of realism and immersion into a difficulty setting based around realism. Expect impaired and limited vision, a lot of tension, and enemies jumping at you or shooting you without you even expecting it.

    Mod author unforbidable has expressed that if you use Darker Nights in conjunction with other weather mods (such as True Storms) that you should load it after any other weather mods in your load order.

    Darker Nights by unforbidable
    NexusMods / Bethesda.net

    Armorsmith Extended

    Armorsmith Extended was created by many different mod developers, but Gambit77 takes the most credit for the development of this extensive mod. It would be quicker to describe what Armorsmith Extended doesn't do instead of describing what it does do.

    For starters, Armorsmith Extended expands on wearing clothing under armor. Many vanilla sets that were previously listed as armors were switched to clothing so that players could wear their favorite outfit as well as their favorite armor set. It also differentiates between masks, hats and helmets, and eye wear. Armor modification got a massive rework with this mod, too, with ballistic weave being compatible with every clothing and armor piece, among many other additions to clothing lining and armor mods.

    Armorsmith Extended goes along very well with Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource, by valdacil. AWKCR minimizes risk of conflict issues by standardizing the framework used for naming and sorting armors and clothing. It prevents slot conflicts and adds crafting functionality to Armorsmith Extended and the many armors added by that mod.

    Armorsmith Extended by Gambit77
    NexusMods / Bethesda.net

    Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resources by valdacil
    / Bethesda.net

    Full Dialogue Interface

    Full Dialogue Interface by Cirosan is a lot simpler than the other mods listed here. This mod changes the game's conversation dialogues to show the full line of dialogue instead of a paraphrased version. It makes it so that players will know the extent of their dialogue choices instead of finding out after the fact, a frequent criticism shortly after Fallout 4 was released.

    Full Dialogue Interface has many different options for the user interface. There is no difference between the different options other than the appearance.

    Full Dialogue Interface by Cirosan
    / Bethesda.net

    Legendary Modification

    One of the quintessential crafting mods, Legendary Modification by teaLz changes everything about legendary items and loot in Fallout 4 and puts it into the hands of the player. Legendary weapons found in the Commonwealth can be scrapped down into Effect Chips and using those, players can select legendary modifications to add onto their armor pieces and weapons. This mod basically allows players to create their own legendary and unique weapons from scratch.

    Legendary Modification also has several different difficulty settings based on how much of a challenge players are looking for with adding legendary effects to items. The easiest setting does not have a perk prerequisite or an Effect Chip cost, and legendary mods can be detached and put on other weapons or armor pieces. The hardest difficulty setting, however, forces a perk requirement, level requirement, a certain number of Effect Chips, and legendary mods cannot be detached.

    Legendary Modification is compatible with inventory sorting mods, such as AWKCR, so there's no need to worry about any conflicts from creating a unique weapon or armor piece.

    Note: This mod is no longer updated by the mod author and there are reported bugs affecting players. As with any mod, take care in downloading and using this. I use it and encounter no problems, but that doesn't necessarily mean you won't encounter any.

    Legendary Modification by teaLz
    NexusMods / Bethesda.net


    Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

    The Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch is part of a line of mods created for games developed and published by Bethesda Softworks. This series of mods serves to address and resolve every bug not officially fixed by Bethesda through their patches to the game. Mod author Arthmoor is responsible for many of the most popular mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, including the Unofficial Skyrim Patch, so this mod has been developed by someone with an extensive amount of experience modifying Bethesda's games.

    A full change log of the bugs fixed with this mod can be found here.

    Note: There is a bug that will affect players who like to give their settlers equipment. It is not a bug caused by this mod, but it cannot be fixed with this patch. More information can be found here.

    Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch by Arthmoor
    / Bethesda.net

    Spring Cleaning

    Spring Cleaning is a wonderful tweak created by Nverjos that allows players to scrap objects in settlements that were previously part of the environment, or miscellaneous items that could not be scrapped before. It affects foliage, buildings, scenery, and many decorative items that could not previously be scrapped and removed from settlements.

    This mod is ideal for players looking to clean up Sanctuary for real, with clean streets and minimal junk on the sidewalks and walkways. All clutter objects can be removed with Spring Cleaning, so players can look forward to a better settlement experience with this mod.

    Spring Cleaning by Nverjos
    NexusMods / Bethesda.net
    Scrap Everything is a very similar mod that does exactly the same thing as Spring Cleaning, but it is still updated whereas Spring Cleaning is not. Spring Cleaning has been known to cause issues in Fallout 4 version 1.6+.

    Neither of these mods will ever be seen on consoles as they require Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) in order to run.

    Scrap Everything by shadowslasher410
    NexusMods / Bethesda.net


    Improved Map with Visible Roads

    This mod by mm137 improves on the vanilla map by making the environment, including landmarks, bodies of water, and many more objects and areas more visible and recognizable. The mod adds distinct roads and paths that can be used by the player while (optionally) brightening up the map to be seen better by players.

    The brightness of the map does have several different settings for download so players can decide how they want their Pip-Boy map to look with this mod. Improved Map with Visible Roads is great for Survival players looking for routes to scavenge or dangerous areas to avoid.

    Improved Map with Visible Roads
    NexusMods / Bethesda.net

    Homemaker - Expanded Settlements

    Homemaker is one of the many settlement mods added for Fallout 4. It adds hundreds of new items to use to build and decorate a settlement with including 7 new build sets (like wood, metal, etc.) and even more decorative items. Among those, you can count on seeing new lights, wall and floor decorations, fences and barriers, and furniture. The mod even adds new foliage options and decorative plants to make your Commonwealth settlements environmentally-friendly.

    Also added in Homemaker is a reworked categorization to make vanilla items and items added in Homemaker to be more easily found. This also comes alongside a Settlement Keywords compatibility patch if you have a preference to using SK.

    Homemaker by NovaCoru
    / Bethesda.net coming soon

    That wraps up this mod spotlight. If you have any suggestions for future mod spotlight coverage, post in the comments and let me know what you'd like to see!

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  1. Nasyr
    Some of these mods are pretty awesome, especially the weather related ones.
    1. Feyfolken
      I agree. True Storms is my all-time favorite. I've got many more mods to cover, though, so stay tuned for more spotlights. I'm sure I'll cover a lot more that you'll like.
      Nasyr likes this.
    2. Nasyr
      Hopefully you do buddy. I'm going to check some of these out. I feel like the weather mods fit in with the game and give it a more realistic, intense inner sight to the game.
  2. xOneManLegacy
    I wish the DLC was better but at least we get mods lol thanks for doing a spotlight for this!
    1. Feyfolken
      There's plenty more to come. Stay tuned! :smile:
      xOneManLegacy likes this.
  3. Senex
    Have you seen Place Everywhere? It allows you to... Well... Place anything anywhere, scrap everything (every single thing that's not the ground when in "extra objects" mode), and move everything (again, every single thing when in "extra objects" mode). Also adds some great moving hotkeys for those moments where you need a little extra control over your settlement objects and a hotkey to duplicate any object. Basically does everything spring cleaning does and way more.

    Place Everywhere is a vastly superior alternative to both Spring Cleaning and Scrap Everything in my opinion. Additionally, it requires F4SE, but so do the other 2. Win-win.

    Only downside (depending on how you look at it) most, if not all, of the hotkeys are disabled by default until you edit the configuration file for the mod itself, so it does take a little setup. Otherwise, it's absolutely great.

    And no, I'm not affiliated with it, I just really like settlement building and love this mod. :wink:
    1. Feyfolken
      I haven't used it in awhile because there was a period where it wasn't being updated and was causing conflicts. I didn't know the mod author got back into it.

      Thank you for sharing, though. Obviously, there are some mods I consider essential that others might not and vice versa. I think of this like a Vanilla+ mod pack for Minecraft, for reference. Minimal mods but drastic quality of life changes for Fallout 4. I'll be sure to include Place Everywhere in a future spotlight assuming the problems I had have been fixed.
    2. Jet1337
      I have this one listed under Player Settlements in my topic here. I stopped using it for a while because it wouldn't let me build where I wanted, but I guess the author came back to it.
      Feyfolken likes this.
  4. Adolfin
    Scrap Fallout is a very good alternative to mods such as Spring Cleaning for console users like myself.
      Feyfolken likes this.
    1. Feyfolken
  5. Feyfolken
    A few things:

    This is going to be an ongoing thing on the homepage from me. Please tell me if there are any mods you'd like to see covered or any that you have to recommend. Every mod I'll write about has been play tested by me at some point or another; I will not recommend mods to the members of Se7enSins without using them myself first.

    This will also be using custom banners and graphics from me as it will be an ongoing series. Feel free to provide feedback on the graphics used and tell me if there's something you'd like to see changed. I want this series to grow and evolve with the homepage so please tell me if there is something that you want to see, be it graphics, mods, formatting, or anything else you can think of.

    Thanks, everybody and thank you for reading!

    Next Mod Spotlight: Survival/Realism
  6. Casp
    There was obviously a lot of time and care mended into this article, and you definitely crafted this with lots of love. Hope to see this become a series on the Homepage, it'd make for some seriously wicked good material! Keep it up, Jack!!
      Feyfolken likes this.
  7. Red58
    Mods from Nexus stopped working for me entirely, so now I'm limited to mods from bethesda.net
    1. Feyfolken
      Any idea what caused that? I haven't had any issues like that nor have I heard about it. You could try reinstalling NMM if you think it might be from the mod manager.
    2. Red58
      Well, I'm not 100% sure. Reinstalling might work but I leave for BMT next week so it's the least of my concerns.
      Feyfolken likes this.
  8. Jet1337
    I tried out true storms and didn't really like it because of the radiation storms and other weather types affecting visibility. If it also affected the A.I.'s line of sight then I would reinstall it.

    I think I read that the spring cleaning mod is prone to the cell reset bug. If that's true then it would be a good idea to use the "setownership" command on things like power armor frames so they don't reset.

    I spotted a mod that adds new legendary effects to the game. I don't know if it's compatible with the one listed here, but that would be cool if it does.

    Nice list, Fey!
    1. Feyfolken
      Spring Cleaning is not affected by the cell reset bug except in rare circumstances. I haven't had any Power Armor frames disappear on me, but it couldn't hurt to use "setownership" anyway so that NPCs don't use your Power Armor.

      The mod you're talking about is Weapon Mods Expanded/Extended (can't remember which). It is a good mod that I have used for a long time. I plan to add it in a future spotlight focusing on weapons and weapon mods.
  9. Pyroman
    Half of these I already have downloaded lol, but love this nonetheless I'm gonna try the others out.
    1. Feyfolken
      The point of the first episode was to be an introductory spotlight. I know that most probably have these mods already because they're some of the most popular ones. That's why I called them all essential. This is going to be an ongoing series and I will cover lesser-known mods. I have almost 300 plugins active right now so I have plenty of material to cover.
      Pyroman likes this.
    2. Pyroman
      I'm glad to hear that, I liked this read.
      Feyfolken likes this.