Fallout 4 Creation Kit Beta Released On PC

Holding strong to the belief that their games have the potential to become something much more when players are given the freedom to create their...
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    Holding strong to the belief that their games have the potential to become something much more when players are given the freedom to create their own content, Bethesda brought smiles to many fans when they announced Fallout 4 will have Mod support not only on PC, but consoles as well. Now players on both sides of the spectrum can join together, and not only change their personal experiences with Fallout 4, but other gamers as well. While PC players can enjoy everything the Fallout 4 community has to offer now, console players on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will have to wait until June to join the fun.

    Bethesda’s aim when introducing the Creation Kit for Fallout 4 was to make Mods easy to use for not only those who are creating the content, but those who are using it to enhance their own gameplay. In order to achieve this, Bethesda has crafted a brand new system from the ground up that provides players with easy access to the latest and greatest Mods the community has to offer. All from within Fallout 4, you’ll easily be able to browse, search, and install any Mods you can find. Players will also be able to let their creative sides loose with the Creation Kit, which was used by Bethesda themselves to create their latest entry into their nuclear series.

    To access the Fallout 4 1.5 update via Steam, simply right click on Fallout 4 in your library, select Properties, Betas, then select “beta” from the drop-down menu that will appear. You can download the Creation Kit from the Bethesda.net link provided below. If you would like to begin taking a shot at creating your very own Mods for Fallout 4, there will also be a link to the Creation Kit Wiki to help you on your journey to creating your own content for the Fallout 4 community. If you’ve already begun using the Creation Kit, share your experiences below! We would love to hear what your favorite Mods are, or if you’ve already created some of your own!

    Creation Kit Download
    Creation Kit Wiki

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    :eek: So they scrapped the wait till June for ps4 mod support and did it now!
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