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Fallout 4 – Customization, Crafting & Modding Details


Today, a new video from Bethesda Softworks UK has been released on their Youtube channel. In this video several gameplay details are shown and discussed, including in-depth customization, crafting items, and modding. Fallout 4 is going to have the most in-depth customization and crafting options out of the entire series. Fans will be sure to spend countless hours on end trying out the endless possibilities Bethesda has allowed with their brand new system.


The video, which can be watched here, kicks off with a look at building settlements using the workshop system. In the video, you can see the player use a workshop table, which allows him to craft different structures such as furniture, doghouses, power generators, and more. Players will need different items in order to craft different structures. For example, to craft a a door a player will need three pieces of wood, three pieces of steel, and one screw.

Building settlements will be allowed in certain places in the game, the first one being the protagonist's old neighborhood. Essentially, you will be breaking the environment around you down then building from the ground up. In the game, you can use the workshop to build a community where you can house people, create power sources, build defense turrets, store food and water, and assign jobs to members of your community.

With a main inspiration for this new system being Minecraft, players can feel at ease knowing Fallout 4 will have a easy-to-use yet powerful tools to ensure each community will have a different look and feel. The picture you see in the cover image is one of the many custom ways you can design your community.


Another main focus of the video was customization. Many different items you can find around the map can be used to craft custom parts for weapons and other items. For example, with a little bit of adhesive, circuitry, fiber optics, glass, and plastic, a player could craft a custom barrel for one of their many weapons. Based around Skyrim's alchemy system, Bethesda wants players to focus on treating what might look like junk as something more valuable than weapons or bottle caps.

Also mentioned in the video was a discussion surrounding user generated content. Players will be able utilize a creation kit similar to the one used in Skyrim. It'll be released for PC in early 2016 and consoles shortly after. For those of you who don't know, the creation kit will allow for modification of the game with nearly endless possibilities. The end goal for the creation kit set by Bethesda is to allow players to create their own adventures and play the game however they want it. Fallout 4 is ensured to be a brand new and unique experience for every player, whether you are a newcomer to the series or a veteran. Fallout 4 is made with one thing in mind: You.

Fallout 4 releases November 10th, 2015 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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This is the same **** from E3. C'mon, bro.
This video was posted yesterday and has plenty of things we never saw at E3. Howard is also releasing a lot of mod details for consoles that people have been waiting on for quite some time.
This is the same **** from E3. C'mon, bro.
He didn't say **** about mods on consoles. All he said is that he's excited it's happening and that modding happens on PC and even more people can do it now that it's being brought to consoles.

I knew everything that was talked about in this video. I'm sorry you can't remember things from three months ago.

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