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Fall 2014: What Games Will You Be Getting?

It’s that time of year again. Students are back in school, and prices for games are starting to lower. Not only that, but new games are set to release, just like every fall. They range anywhere from a new Call of Duty to popular sports games like Madden and WWE. But, which ones have received the best feedback, and which ones give you more for your cash? Since many games these days come with exclusive pre-order bonuses, it's hard to tell which package is really worth it, or if the game even sounds appealing to you as a gamer. There have also been many games exclusive to just one console, such as the Halo: Master Chief Collection that will be releasing later this year for the Xbox One and Driveclub for the Playstation 4. We've already seen the likes of games such as Titanfall and Watch_Dogs release, and we haven't even reached the holiday seasons yet. Below, I will be listing the top four games that I feel will succeed not only in sales, but in ratings as well.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Now, hear me out on this before you decide to throw your fist at your computer. Yes, Call of Duty sales took a heavy hit last year after the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts. Yes, this is the same game that has been released for the past eleven years. But, AW is being made by a different company. This isn't your same old IW/Treyarch back and forth thing that has been going on for years past. Sledgehammer has been working on this game for quite some time, since before the release of Mw3 and shortly after Black Ops. They have had what Treyarch and IW haven't had in the past, and that's time. Time to develop the game even further, and take things to the next level, especially with the amount of hardware that they are working with now that the next-gen consoles have been released. Previous COD's have been rushed to be completed, therefore not having the ability to develop the game into full potential. Although it is a bummer that Sledgehammer decided not to develop the older gen versions of AW, it simply means they've been focusing on next generation consoles much more. If you're a die hard COD fan like I am, you're probably going to pick this up when it hits shelves in November.

Destiny is a given by far. It's managed to already break records prior to its release date, and it has become a fan favorite for many. With it being so popular, many pre-orders ended up being cancelled due to the heavy demand for the special editions of the game. But, the question that got passed around back when information first started coming in was, "What makes this game so popular?" Over time, the answer has become rather clear. It's simply the environment, the play style. It's a next generation shooter unlike any other before it. The storyline itself is rich with questions that may go unanswered until you reach the end. One of the biggest things that draws players in even more is that you have the ability to customize your Guardian with limitless possibilities. Even more so, you can take it into every mode, including Single Player and Multiplayer. Hope you're locked and loaded, because it's only two weeks away before this gets released.

Assassins Creed Rouge/Unity
Although they are two separate games, they both make for one unique experience. Rogue is a game unlike any other Assassins Creed's before it. For the first time, you get to experience things from the other perspective, a Templar. Playing as Shay Patrick, an Assassin that was once part of the Brotherhood, you will undergo a transformation that has never before been seen in previous AC games. However, Unity is quite the opposite as far as time periods go. It's set back in 1789 during the French Revolution. In addition to playing as Arno, a skilled Assassin that can wield almost any blade, there's also CO-OP for up to three players so you're not alone when playing the campaign. With Unity being on next-gen only, there's more room for Ubisoft to work with as far as graphics and game features. Unity is going on shelves in October, while Rogue will be available November 11th.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Halo in general has been a fan favorite for many since the beginning. And, with the announcement that they are releasing remakes for the Xbox One is beyond exciting. There have been many comparisons done between the original Xbox/Xbox 360 versions and the newer Xbox One version, and the games look fantastic. Although they are simply remastered versions of the game and not really "new", there have been new features brought back from older Halo's. For example, Halo 2's leveling system is making a return, which was a fan favorite back when the game's multiplayer was active. All around, this is defiantly worth a pre-order if you haven't done so already. The release date is set for November 11th, so I'd recommend getting a pre-order in now before it's too late.

I gave you guys my top four games that I'm anticipated for, now it's up to my wallet to do the talking. All in all, are there any other games you're anxious to get your hands on besides the four that I listed? I know there are many more titles that will do great besides these, but that list could go on forever. Sources will be down below.

Article originally written by Echo Echo .
Article edited and published by Cakes.
About author
Freelance writer who enjoys writing just about anything and everything. I enjoy writing more informative articles, mainly those about gaming or anything entertainment related.


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