Pokemon Go has the world at its feet at the moment. Everyone is playing it, and those who aren't are either too old to understand or too stubborn to try. The rest of the world's population is happily searching everywhere they can in order to "catch them all." And as always, when something is surpassing the hype and actually becomes a success, someone will try to take advantage of it. A few clever apps have already been removed from Google Play, because they were trying to trick impatient Pokemon trainers rather than helping them.

ESET, a company focusing on antivirus and malware protection, recently warned Google about a few apps that was more of a threat than usual. One of them, called Pokemon Go Ultimate, was extra malicious by the fact that it would lock the screen on the device and require the battery to be removed or rebooted via the Android Device Manager in order for it to work again. After that, the program would hide itself in the background and click away on porn ads. According to ESET, the worst part of this app is that it is literally one step away from being Ransomware, and the first of its kind to find its way onto the app store. At least that we know of.

The two other apps, "Install Pokemongo" and "Guide & Cheats for Pokemon Go" were not as bad, but their intent was to trick people into paying good money for the app to generate massive amounts of Pokecoins, Pokeballs or Lucky Eggs each day. Something it obviously wouldn't do, but they sure would make a lot of money from it. As mentioned previously, all 3 of these have been removed from the Google Play, but all of them were downloaded by unsuspecting Pokemon Trainers before anyone noticed what the apps really were.

There has been other malicious apps floating around since the launch of Pokemon Go, and we will definitely see more of them. It is up to the public to use common sense and pay attention to what it is you are downloading, and don't forget that if something looks too good to be true, it usually is.


Have you been tricked yet?