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Fail0verflow's New Release Enables Linux on PS4

Last December a group by the name of fail0verflow showed a demo of Linux running on a PlayStation 4. Since then, the group has been working hard...
  1. Monopolyman
    Last December a group by the name of fail0verflow showed a demo of Linux running on a PlayStation 4. Since then, the group has been working hard to continue the progress they have been making. This past Monday they dropped a big release that enables users with the technical know-how to launch the Linux kernel on the PS4.

    Fail0verflow announced on their twitter, “We've released the PS4 kexec-style code to load the Linux kernel from Orbis OS,” and linked to a github repo containing their work. As described in the tweet, this code is similar to the Linux kexec call that allows users to directly boot into a new kernel from a running system. This means it is now possible to use an exploit in the PS4 kernel to get Linux running on the hardware.

    The one thing that fail0verflow has not released is the actual exploit used to run this code. Fortunately, an exploit in the console’s kernel was recently leaked to the public. While the leaked exploit isn’t everything you need to get things working, it is a really helpful starting point. Even with this help though, there is still a lot of hoops to jump through to get it fully working. For starters you need the have an unupdated PS4 with firmware 1.76, compile the necessary code, use the webkit userland exploit to run the leaked BadIRET exploit, then finally execute the kexec-like code to run the Linux kernel.

    Although this release is very impressive and rather interesting, there isn’t much that can be done by running Linux on the PS4. Right now there are a lot of things not functioning properly, but there are improvements being made to things such as USB and 3D. If and when all of the kinks are worked out, running Linux on PS4 would still essentially be turning the console into an overpriced PC, which isn’t very practical.

    While so far there isn’t a lot being done that affects the average gamer, there is still a tremendous amount of progress being done in the PS4 hacking scene. One day, we will hopefully see modifications made to the PS4’s operating system that enable game modifications and homebrew, but until then there is still a lot of progress to be made.

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    I am a young writer who is passionate about gaming and technology. PC is my preferred platform, but I appreciate all forms of video games. I enjoy voicing my opinion in the articles I write, but also like to keep our readers informed on the latest news.
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  1. 3xTiNcT
    It's good to see more on this.
      lol likes this.
  2. lol
    it's happening

    I'm glad you kept up with it. Good information.
  3. smelly02
    At least we know the PS4 will keep on being modded throughout the future.
  4. Homework
    In your opinion, when do you think the PS4 will be running homebrew apps and games?
    1. View previous replies...
    2. Monopolyman
      Has anyone gotten anything custom to run within Orbis OS outside the browser?
    3. Red
      failOverlflow made this linux release run outside of the browser during their last presentation. They opened up the systems manual from the settings to run the payload. However if anyone knows how that was done im uncertain. The proof is in the pudding though :tongue:
    4. Monopolyman
      Yeah, but since it's described as a kexec-like code, it as actually loading an entirely different kernel and operating system. I was wondering if anyone has ran anything within Orbis OS, or even the FreeBSD kernel in general, outside of the browser.
  5. TEIR1plus2
    So we can basically get a hacked ps4 kernel running now.
    Use the webkit exploit or linux to dump ram (assuming the bootloader is still loaded in ram, the kernel will be at least)
    Change the kernel to what you need.
    Do the same thing you did to boot linux, but jump into your new kernel with the changes. OR chainload your new kernel from linux.
    Make some homebrew for ps4 and see if it works.

    The reason you'd want the bootloader is if the kernel is encrypted like I'm assuming it should be. The bootloader has to have a way to decrypt the kernel.

    Unfortunately I don't know the first thing about the playstation community. If one xboxone was this easy, I'd be all over that.
  6. kobraEnterprise
    I have a ps4 in 2.00 firmware, will it work ?
    1. XeClutch
  7. AlienFreek01
    Overpriced PC? I think 350 for the capability the PS4 has is pretty good
    1. Monopolyman
      From a pure hardware cost to price perspective, 350 isn't that bad. However, what you are getting is a PC that is unable to ever be upgraded and one that will almost definitely never run Windows, which is where a lot of the games are. You also have to consider the fact that you are using proprietary hardware that doesn't have the driver support that consumer hardware has, especially for Linux.
  8. XeClutch
    Wouldn't it be funny to see a PS4 running Windows? I hope somebody does that somewhere down the line, it'd be pretty funny. Nice article.
    1. Monopolyman
      Yeah, that would be pretty great. You could play on your Xbox by streaming it to Windows on your PS4 lol. Unfortunately, this would probably never happen considering you would need low-level access to Windows to get it working. If anything, maybe we could see a low-level type 1 hypervisor then use that to virtualize Windows, but we are a far far way from accomplishing that lol.
  9. televisedfool
    I just want SteamOS on PS4.
      Stonerzard likes this.
    1. Stonerzard
      Especially as you can use a mouse and keyboard on PS4 - it'll essentially be a Sony Steam Machine.
    2. NavK
      Damed... RetroPi distro on PS4...

      We can Dream !