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Fable 1 HD Remake in the works - Teaser Released

  1. Alex

    Earlier ron today Lionhead Studios took to YouTube with a very puzzling Teaser Trailer titled "Fable Teaser Trailer". It seems the fans of the great franchise I getting a little thanks from the studio.

    Here is the teaser trailer:

    Fable was released in September 2004 for the Xbox and was followed up with a PC release and the Lost Chapters in 2005. Since then Fable has had a few outings that gamers, young and old have enjoyed. We saw Fable Pub Games on the Xbox Live Arcade, a game where the player could earn gold playing the mini games featured in Fable 2 and transfer them over to the final game. We have also had Fable 3 as well as Fable Heroes and Fable: The Journey. ​
    Fable has been a franchise of great story telling, action and adventure, with a remake of the original the younger generation of gamers who missed out can experience the thrilling tale in glorious HD. ​
    Do you like Fable? Are you excited for the remake? Please discuss and share your views below.​

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