Extra Prestige Levels for Black Ops III After Launch is Highly Unlikely

Call of Duty: Black Ops III is currently under development by Treyarch. Unlike the two other studios developing Call of Duty games, they are not...
  1. Sparfire
    Call of Duty: Black Ops III is currently under development by Treyarch. Unlike the two other studios developing Call of Duty games, they are not planning on adding additional Prestige levels post launch. Responding to a comment on Reddit, Game Designer Director David Vonderhaar made it clear that such an approach would not match their ideas for what Prestige is supposed to be:

    "We are not fans of adding Prestige Levels after launch. We wanted Prestige to have an end goal and off ramp. It's why we gave it a name (Master Prestige) and removed the level icon when you hit it.

    We do think there is a room to do interesting things to highlight a Master Prestige player that keeps playing that is NOT adding more prestige levels."

    Now, as things are not set in stone yet, he goes on to add:

    "It's designed, but not implemented yet, and I don't want to put my foot in my mouth in case it doesn't happen for scope or schedule reasons."

    Both Sledgehammer Games and Infinity Ward chose to add extra prestige levels to their releases, around 15 levels in Advanced Warfare and 10 levels in Modern Warfare 3. However, no extra levels were added for Ghosts, so it is not something that is done as a rule. But in the next installment, it is highly unlikely that you will have to start the grind all over again after reaching max prestige. What level that will be, is yet to be announced, and we still don't know what Treyarch has lined up to make players stay after getting there.

    For those of you craving more information about Black Ops III, don't worry, you are about to get another piece of the puzzle. The Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies world reveal is scheduled for July 9th at the San Diego Comic-Con, so just a few more days now. If you happen to be there, you will also be able to test out the multiplayer in the PlayStation Road to Greatness Tour Bus. During the event Activision also have plans to share both details on the Zombies mode and reveal the contents of the game’s collector’s edition. So plenty of information is on its way, just hang in there a little longer.

    Sources: Reddit, CharlieIntel

    Do you prefer to have a set amount of Prestige levels from the start, or are you disappointed of the lack of added levels? And how psyched are you about the Zombies reveal?

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  1. mmast1
    what do you think the max prestige level would be
    1. mmast1
      i hope its like 10
  2. BattleBuddy
    Can't wAit.
  3. Fogel
    Not to much of a difference to me honestly. I never stick with games long enough to get max levels anymore. May be a disappointment to some but oh well. To each his own.
  4. ImNuclearXbox
    I'm pretty psyched about it I can't wait to see the reveal and everything but I can't go to the event but I'm sure someone will stream it on YouTube. can't wait to see what the zombies finally will be like.:happy:
  5. Kellis
    How anyone has the time and attention span to complete 30 prestige levels is beyond me. 2 is about my limit before serious frustration and lack of interest kicks in. Hope Treyarch keep it to 10, no need for any more.
  6. XeClutch
    *cough* bad game *cough*
  7. Wavy
    Extra prestiges make me grind the game harder and burn out quicker. Thus, I stop playing the game sooner. Happened every time they introduced additional prestiges. MW3 and Advanced Warfare. Treyarch keeps becoming more and more my favorite Developer for COD.
  8. 3xTiNcT
    I don't care for Prestige's really because it doesn't really show anything. I'm excited for Zombies though.
  9. Night
    They should stick to 10 prestiges and make it mean something to get there. Who else remembers how it felt to be a Gold Cross on Cod 4? It was amazing. Kids would actually back out when they saw one.
      Wavy likes this.
  10. Deadpool
    I cannot fathom why anyone would be excited for this.
      XeClutch and deadmau5 like this.
    1. Night
      Lol you just can't do it can you? Can't resist reminding us that you don't think the game looks good, even on an article about adding prestiges for christ sake.
    2. Deadpool
      Have you not come to realize that I do it half the time to get a rise out of you?
    3. Night
      I am on this site 3-4 times a week and almost always skip over the homepage, if you were really doing this to get a rise out of me (which you aren't) you'd have realized long ago that it wasn't working since I don't respond to any of them.