A few days ago PC Gamer got a 'first look' at Turtle Rock Studios new game 'Evolve' if you remember Turtle Rock Studios is the same creator behind the ever so popular Left 4 Dead series and are attempting to bring a new twist to the term "cooperative" gameplay. Evolve pits 4 players (hunters) against 1 player (monster). This first look gives you a more in depth idea of what being a monster will be like, how 'evolving' works, and some of the abilities you'll get to utilize as both a hunter and the monster.

After I watched the video I became even more excited about this game, I believe it'll help change the way we look at co-op gameplay as well as require a lot more strategy than games normally require knowing that whether you're a hunter or the monster the game will be different every time since the maps, abilities, play styles, and most importantly the players all change. The various classes look great and once you get a solid team together that knows what to do you could be almost unstoppable, but the same can be said for perfecting the play style of the monster.

What did you guys think of this first look at the game? Will you strive to be a hunter and take down the monster as quickly as possible, or will you brave the game alone as a monster getting stronger so that you can become the hunter? Leave your comments below!


God I told you I'd write you a kickass article :smile: