Evolve Delayed Until February 10th 2015

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    Yep you read that right folks, Evolve, the popular monster hunting game developed by the team that brought you the Left 4 Dead series has officially delayed the game a few months to perfect it into the vision that they have for it. 2K Games made that announcement earlier today with this official statement:

    There really isn't much to be taken from that statement except that they want the game to be as good as possible. With the alpha taking place on PC this past weekend it wouldn't surprise me if they realized that quite a few things needed to be tweaked in order for the game to live up to it's hype and personal standards.

    They also had this to say about the original October release:

    In my opinion I think this is a smart move to make, if they feel the game will not live up to it's standards then delaying is a good thing. It also will allow the game to release in a less 'crowded' game release time period, with how many new titles coming out this winter this could be purely a financial move to allow consumers to have less distractions from other games when making their purchase. Whatever the case might be, we won't know if the game will truly live up to it's hype until February, until then you'll have to play other monster hunting games.


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