Even More Changes Coming to Overwatch

Overwatch has been a huge success so far, and the competitive mode has been running strong since its release. With that said, Blizzard plans to...
  1. Zelk

    has been a huge success so far, and the competitive mode has been running strong since its release. Despite the overall success of competitive mode, there have been numerous complaints about it. It seems many players are tired of facing multiple Bastions, Torbjorns, Reapers, or any of the other hero that can be incredibly annoying to face in mass amounts. Blizzard has done an incredibly good job with listening to the community when it comes to Overwatch, and they don't plan to stop. They have recently announced multiple changes coming for season 2 of Competitive Mode, as well as changes to several heroes.

    The biggest change coming will only affect competitive mode, not quick play. Competitive mode players will be limited to one of each hero per team, meaning you won't be seeing 3 Widowmakers on one team anymore. This won't affect quick play matches, so you're still free to stack a team of 6 Reapers if that's what you want to do. Another thing that will be changed for season 2 of competitive mode is how the game deals with ties. Blizzard plans to ditch Sudden Death completely, and let the battle end in a tie. They're currently working a new system for ties, in which a player doesn't feel as if the whole fight was a waste of time. While there's been no final decision on how this new tie system will work, Blizzard promises they're working on it.

    The next change Blizzard plans will include balances for multiple heroes. While not all heroes that will be affected have been announced, two have; D.Va and Zenyatta. These two characters felt too underpowered, so Blizzard plans to buff them so they stand a better chance in the gauntlet. Zenyatta will be receiving more shields, and will move significantly faster whilst using his Ultimate. D.Va's Defense Field will be receiving buffs, including the ability to toggle it on and off, and a meter.

    In other Overwatch related news, the new hero Ana has been announced, who will act as a support sniper. If you haven't heard about her, Sparfire wrote an article on her that you can check out here.

    Are you excited for these changes? Are there any heroes you'd like to see buffed or nerfed? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. BreakdowN
    Good. I actually quit playing ranked, not because of the multiple heroes on a team, but because apparently it's too hard for people to figure out who counters who. I actually think allowing only 1 per team is a bit much. I'd say allow at least 2 I mean seriously? The whole point of the game is to work as a team, ffs... Granted, makes solo queue almost impossible because people just suck.. Thankfully they're not implementing it in quick play or I'd never play this game again.

    Another reason I quit playing ranked right now is because the amount of people leaving on both teams. Then, when it says you will not be penalized if you leave, I expect not to lose rank. I have played several matches and doesn't matter if I leave or complete the match I lose a rank. If this happened once in a while, fine. But it happens 8/10 games with me and I can't take it. So, no point in even playing ranked if I'm just going to lose level because of constant disconnects.

    D.Va and Zenyatta definitely needed a buff. Zenyatta is completely useless without a cooperative team. D.Va isn't really bad, but I feel for her to be a tank she def needed to be buffed a bit more because almost every game that has a D.Va has another tank on the team because D.Va solo tank just doesn't cut it.
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  2. Dreamatorium
    D.VA did not need a buff. She's going to constantly have her defense matrix up now.
    As for the 1 hero limit, I'm going to miss the full teams of the same hero that occurs out of the blue, but that kind of stuff probably doesn't belong in competitive anyway.
    1. BreakdowN
      No she wont. She will have a meter that will eventually deplete and have to cool down. I mean, unless toggle it on and off means it can just be left on the entire time? Idk, guess I'll have to wait and see it.
    2. Dreamatorium
      Yeah, toggling it on and off
  3. 3xTiNcT
    Need to get this still. :cry:
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    1. Pyroman
      You won't regret it.
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    2. 3xTiNcT
      I just feel like when I get it the games hype is going to die down. Plus I have some other things I actually need that I need to get first.
  4. Skeleton
    Zenyatta is a beast. Im excited for this buff
  5. Keeley Hazell
    About time I thought competitive was supposed to have a one hero limit from the start. Haven't even played Overwatch in awhile though so f*** it lol
  6. Feyfolken
    I really don't feel that Zenyatta needs a buff, but I can agree that D.Va is pretty bad right now and needs something. As for the competitive changes, I can't really speak to those as I haven't played comp yet. Vino and I just got done taking some teams to the cleaners by spamming 6 Reinhardt's and Genji's, though.
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  7. Jason
    I'm very happy with these changes and I have to say I'll be happier seeing only one reaper. It will bring some balance to the meta IMO
    Say Ana's trailer and she looks pretty strong but I don't use ptr, so I won't know until I see her in action on the normal realm. Nice article
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  8. Pyroman
    D.Va was changed in the PTR, she was finally bearable to play as. People were playing as her, or Ana(which is saying something)
    I didn't try out Zenyatta yet though, but i heard he was buffed greatly.

    Here is the PTR notes, which usally goes into that the next update will be if you are interested: https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/blog/20178523
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