Get ready to Escape from Tarkov in the upcoming MMO shooter from the Russian developers at Battlestate Games. The upcoming shooter follows the violent conflict between two opposing private military companies, USEC and BEAR. Their near-endless violence towards each other has caused nearly the entire population of the town their conflict is in to flee in order to not get caught in the crossfire. The remaining few civilians have embraced the chaos around them and have decided to stay behind. Their numbers and arms are nearly on the level of the warring military groups who occupy the area. These violent lovers of destruction are called Savages, and they work in packs to fight for territories around Tarkov.

Escape from Tarkov is about survival. There are threats around every corner and you may never know where the next bullet is coming from. One correctly aimed bullet could leave you critically injured and bleeding out on the floor, or six feet under with a hole clean through your skull. The war-torn city has been surrounded by both United Nations soldiers and Russian military forces. Your goal will be to escape from Tarkov. You’ll need to not only survive the threat of enemy soldiers but the thread of being poisoned by radiation as well. Every action you make, every step you take and your chances of survival are all determined by your ability to adapt to any environment you’re suddenly thrust into.

The game focuses heavily on the story and the conflict that’s tearing Tarkov apart. When players complete missions and tasks in the game they’ll learn more and more about the story behind the war and its origins. Each completed mission will also increase player’s chances of surviving the war and finally escaping.

The developers at Battlestate Games have aimed to make Escape from Tarkov as realistic as possible. The game is a combat simulator first and an MMO second. This means there will be many different factors that will determine how well you’ll perform in combat. Be warned, Escape from Tarkov isn’t what you’re used to in Call of Duty, and it’s a hop, skip and a jump away from the level of “realism” the Battlefield series has aimed to provide gamers. As you can see from the Pre-Alpha footage, one of the first things you may notice is how the optics are. They way the player views and uses in-game gun optics is much different than your traditional FPS game. You’ll also notice the develops paid special attention to detail. After a frag grenade is tossed and detonated the hallway it was thrown down, it's immediately filled with not only dust but fire ember particles. It’s these small little details that help increase the immersion and realism to the player playing the game. Anything from environmental effects to your character's injuries may affect how the world around you influences your actions. In Escape from Tarkov you’ll need to make split-second decisions here and there, and sometimes, you’ll just need to sit back and carefully plan your next move.

The main game mode is called Raids. Quite a fitting name considering what you'll be doing in it. Players will be placed in a special location where they'll find resources they can loot. The goal will be to find the exit in order to move on to the next location. Experience can be gained in this mode if you take the time to explore the different events that have taken place in the location. There will also be a Free Roam mode in which players are free to do whatever they want. With up to 64 players per lobby, things are sure to get a little crazy with people going on mass murder rampages killing and looting everyone in their sight. The developers have implemented a Karma system to handle these kinds of players. In addition to this there will be an insurance system that gives looted players some cash in place of lost items.

Players will have complete freedom to do whatever they’d like to do in the game. There will be many different environmental actions for players to explore. The game will also have an advanced weapon customization system for players to enjoy. There will also be a deep character progression system in place. Players will be able to better their soldiers by increasing some of the over 100 skills available. There are 4 skill types for players to access. The first is physical, the second is cognitive, the third is combat, and the fourth is practical. Player choice is an important key element in Escape from Tarkov. You'll be free to do whatever you want, and you can choose your own methods and tactics. You can conduct stealth raids on enemy bases, do some trading, explore for resources, participate in co-op missions and more.

The game will also feature an AI-controlled economy which will of course be influenced by how the players use it. Players will be free to trade resources they collected, participate in auctions, or maybe even take a shot at opening up their own business to generate income. There will also be many activities for players to partake in when they're offline. Players will be able to do anything from managing their loot and improving their weapons, to spying and doing research on enemies. There will be a lot for players to do in Escape from Tarkov. The develops have made sure it'll be much more than your average AAA FPS franchise that's chucked out annually.

Overall, Battlestate Games plan to make Escape from Tarkov a shooter that immerses the player in a world they'll never want to leave. With things like dynamic weather that influences soldiers, random events, quests, levelling, crafting, a player-influenced economy, and other MMO elements such as a social system that supports clans, this will most likely be one of the top MMO games of 2016. The developers are planning to release a closed beta in the first quarter of 2016, with the full release of the game coming to PC and Mac in the second quarter. Make sure you sign up for the closed beta at the Escape from Tarkov website below!

Escape from Tarkov