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Escape Dead Island Details Revealed / Release Scheduled For This Coming Fall


Details of the newest installment to the Dead Island series, known as “Escape Dead Island,” have recently surfaced along with a trailer (included below). Thanks to a partnership between Deep Silver and the Swedish studio, Fatshark, the gaming world is scheduled to experience the all-new zombie killing adventure sometime in the Fall of this year. While familiar aspects of the previous Dead Island titles are seemingly present, Escape Dead Island seems to be taking a different, slower pace that is more commonly placed in a survival horror type of game. Although switching up a few aspects may unsettle some die-hard (no pun intended) fans who are unsettled by some change, these changes in aspects give good reason for most players to expect a positive freshness in the new title.

While present on the same island in the Banoi Archipelago that was featured in Dead Island, players will assume control of a documentarian by the name of Cliff Caylow. As if Cliff is not plagued enough by being stranded on an island full of the ever-hungry undead, he is also prone to hallucinations and delusions. For example, as he wanders about killing zombies for survival and searches for the source of the outbreak, he may all of a sudden get crushed by cargo containers somehow falling from the sky, only to wake up to realize it was not really happening. From this point, the player will have to wonder whether or not Cliff is fully hallucinating, partially hallucinating, or simply having blackouts with bad dreams. I don’t want to give off an impression of this installment becoming some sort of sneak-around horror story, as this is most likely not the case at all. As far as I can tell, there will still be plenty of zombie massacring. As far as the “slower-pace” I alluded to earlier goes, it only goes insofar as to place an emphasis on a slower-paced story that players will have to take time try to comprehend or rationalize.

Deep Silver is currently labeling Escape Dead Island as a “survival mystery” and notes Cliff’s delusional episodes as “story loops.” With an emphasis placed on interpretations of Cliff’s delusional episodes in use, it is fair to say that gamers should be ready to expect a different feel from this Dead Island installment. Nevertheless, to reiterate, it will undoubtedly feature the classic zombie combat that fans know and love. The story chronologically takes place sometime after the events of Dead Island, so players should also expect to possibly see some allusions to Riptide or the original Dead Island. Interestingly enough, Escape Dead Island will be released this Fall for the 360, PS3, and PC at a cost of $40. You’d think that this installment would be headed for next-gen consoles as well, but perhaps that is what Dead Island 2 will be meant for. Speaking of which, those who pre-order Escape Dead Island through Gamestop will have access to the Dead Island 2 Beta. All said and done, Escape Dead Island seems like a fresh addition to a decent series that has and will continue to entertain the masses.

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