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Epic Games in charge of a new online action game

  1. Latios
    Epic Games Studio, known for the series of Gears of War, appear to be in early stages of pre-production of their next game, which has been described as a competitive online action project that includes "player progression, strong use of items and a vibrant dynamic economy," a job listing on the studio's website has revealed.

    Currently a small team is in charge of the games development, so we can assume that the final product is several years away of a retail release. Epic Games and Unreal Engine 4 were notably absent from E3 2013.

    In June last year, the Chinese company Tencent, acquired 40% of the shares of Epic Games for a total of $330 million, an acquisition that initially was described as a "minor movement".

    Upon purchase, different faces of Epic Games have left the studio, from Mike Capps to Cliff Bleszinski and Rod Fergusson, and recently, Chris Wynn, producer of Gears of War: Judgment.

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