Eleven New Vehicles Added to the Need for Speed Lineup

Ever since it’s announcement at E3, the developers of Need for Speed have been slowly releasing more details, screenshots, and vehicles for the...
  1. RaoulDuke

    Looking to make a strong comeback, Need for Speed is shaping up to be a monumental title in the racing genre. Ever since it’s announcement at E3, the developers have been slowly releasing more details, screenshots, and vehicles for the next installment in this series. Continuing in this manner, EA and Dice have revealed eleven more vehicles earlier today to expand the already impressive list of available cars to race.

    Although it may not be as massive as Forza Motorsport 6’s roster of over four hundred and counting, Need for Speed’s increasing lineup of forty-nine vehicles is certainly still comparable to any competitors. That is mostly because of the ability to fully customize every vehicle to very exact specifications, the sheer realism of graphics and mechanics, along with the complete open-world which the game offers. The new vehicles are listed below, and the developers have also said that they will not be the final additions to the game.
    Need for Speed is expected to release onto Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on November 3rd.

    N4G | Need for Speed Website

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  1. SensationalYT
    Never had an issue with tuning the handling of the car. Not sure what everyone else is bashing that aspect of the game for unless they could not tune it right with the correct performance upgrades. It is all about the upgrades people. Definitely getting this game. Was not disappointed by EA.
  2. Sm0k3d 0uT
    Really want the Nissan Skyline R34
  3. 3xTiNcT
    The Supra and the Skyline? They're making it hard for me to not want this game.
  4. Guardian
    Can't wait to drive godzilla and the supra. The customization in this game is amazing. I love how you can add body kits like rocket bunny on your cars.
  5. televisedfool
    The beta disappointed me. The only real + with the game is the car detail looks good. Other then that, the handling is bad (even after tuning it several times), the map lacks the amount of detail and texture quality that the cars recieve which makes for a bland looking environment to drive through. I won't be buying on launch.. But when te price drops maybe.
    1. Arxhive
      Bruh it's a beta for a reason. Feedback makes the game better.
    2. televisedfool
      Nothing is going to be changed. A beta, a month away from release is not for game changes, it was to test their servers and things on their end. It's still going to be the same ****** controls and same bland / muddy textures in the map. If we are lucky, they will tone the rain down so it's less annoying.

      Games like this make me wish the 8th gen consoles were hacked, because I would have just downloaded the game instead of having to wait to get it cheap.
  6. Visual Studio
    I had access to the closed beta of this game, I wish it held up to what Forza 6 dished out :cry:
    1. Salus
      It's ea bro what do you expect
    2. Arxhive
      Still comparing an arcade game to a sim.
    3. Visual Studio
      Well it's sad when there's more enjoyment in a sim than an open-world racing game. I liked NFS: Carbon and Hot Pursuit but I hate the new one so far. Also, the cutscenes...