Although The Elder Scrolls Online is free-to-play, it still has an optional, paid subscription that essentially works like a season pass for all DLC. Today, Bethesda announced a special event for ESO Plus subscribers taking place this week that gives them a bunch of free stuff every day. In addition, non-subscribers can try out the paid service with a free trial lasting until the event ends.

The ESO Plus Bonus Event, as Bethesda calls it, takes place from July 5 at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET / 3 PM BST until July 9 at 8:59 PM PT / 11:59 PM PT / 4:59 AM BST. If you subscribe to ESO Plus, you can get a free Dwarven Crown Crate every day by logging in once per day during the event. According to a press release, "These crates include some amazing rewards, with a chance to receive mounts, pets, costumes, consumables, and other in-game items." These crates will be delivered on July 17.

In addition, if you do not currently have ESO Plus, you can try it out for free during the event. Although you won't get the Dwarven Crown Crates unless you actually buy a subscription, you can still check out the other perks. A subscription costs $15 per month.

With the ESO Plus trial, players get access to all of the DLC game packs (except the recently released Morrowind expansion); unlimited storage for crafting components; double Bank space; 10% faster experience, gold, Crafting Inspiration, and Trait Research rates; double Furnishing and Collectible space in player-owned houses; and the ability to dye clothes. If you buy a subscription, you'll also get 1,500 Crowns per month.

The Elder Scrolls Online recently got a big new Morrowind expansion that takes players to the island of Vvardenfell. It costs $40 if you already own ESO, and $60 for both the game and the expansion. In addition, Bethesda announced two new DLC packs for the game at E3 2017, although we don't know much about them right now.

Source: GameSpot