The Elder Scrolls Online's Orsinium expansion arrived one year ago this month. To celebrate, Bethesda is launching a promotion where you can get the DLC for 75 percent off and enjoy double loot, among other bonuses.

Originally launched on November 2, 2015, Orsinium added a new zone that boasts a reported 20 hours of story content, as well as new dungeons. The expansion normally sells for 3,000 Crowns ($25), but with the 75 percent off discount, you can get it for around $6.25. Orsinium is included with Elder Scrolls Online Plus membership, which goes for $15/month.

Additionally, Bethesda has brought back the Orsinium Collector's Bundle and reduced its Crown price by 60 percent. This comes with the expansion itself, along with the Cave Bear mount, the Cave Bear pet, and five Crown Experience scrolls.

Bethesda is also offering double the amount of loot and rewards from world bosses, daily delves, and the Maelstrom arena as part of the event. On top of that, players who finish the Maelstrom on the veteran difficulty will receive two Maelstrom weapons.

There are crafting bonuses as well for the Orsinium anniversary event, as twice the amount of materials from Orsinium-specific resource nodes will be given out to crafters. Crafting items include wood, metal, and cloth, as well as alchemy water and herbs.

Orsinium is The Elder Scrolls Online's second expansion, following The Imperial City. Subsequent expansions and updates included Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Shadow of the Hist, and One Tamriel.

Source: GameSpot