Coming to PS4 and Xbox One June 9th, 2015, fans of the series will now be able to explore all of Tamriel on their console in one of the biggest MMOs available to play on consoles. So gather your friends and prepare to embark on an adventure as you make your way completing quests and gaining experience that will put you above all the other players.

Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited will come loaded with all of the gameplay, content, and updates that the PC/Mac version has already been given, including the new Justice and Champions system. Tamriel Unlimited edition will also be making its way to PC/Mac and will be given free of charge to those who already own the game in an automatic update so that players will be able to play the game right away. Along with this update, Bethesda also announced that their subscription service that was once needed to continuously play the game will now no longer be required. Beginging on March 27th, players will be able to enjoy all of Tamriel without any extra cost besides the initial cost of the game. This is also the case for console owners who are looking to purchase the game.

People who have played ESO before may have been driven away from enjoying the experience partially due to the subscription fee as well as the numerous bugs but hopefully this announcement has changed your mind. In Tamriel Unlimited, players will have access to the in-game Crown Store which will offer convenience and customization options as well allow for the purchase of optional downloadable content. ESO will also have the option to pay a one time monthly charge for Premium Membership, ESO Plus, in which players will receive monthly benefits as well as a monthly allotment of Crowns (in-game currency) that can be spent in the Crown Store. The membership will be available for purchase in 30, 90, and 180 day durations.

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