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El Dewrito Brings Multiplayer to Halo: Online


Earlier this month, we took a look at El Dorito which made Halo Online accessible for everyone. The same team has been working hard on adding in more features and making the game resemble Halo 3. One of the biggest releases for Halo Online happened yesterday when emoose released the multiplayer-capable launcher, El Dewrito.

The new launcher adds in the Halo 3 menus and allows people to host and join systemlink games. Despite the fact that it’s only LAN and not WAN, gamers can go to VPN services to play with people across the world. The main go-to service Halo Online fans are going to is Evolve. The recent surge of players has caused some issues with the service, but the Halo community has been very supportive of Evolve and it will likely make the experience much better once it's back and running.

As far as I’m aware, the only game mode that works perfectly is slayer. The other game modes do work to an extent, but there are some caveats. For example, in infection, the zombies spawn with BRs instead of energy swords. You can try to change this via the game settings from the lobby, but none of these settings save once the game starts.

In addition to custom games, there is also forge mode. Forge mode works almost exactly like it did in Halo 3. The only caveat is that some clients have issues going into and out of forge mode. Fortunately, there are no problems for the host and the clients can still play forge as long as they try to avoid the bugs.

There are obviously a lot of other quirks that need to be fixed up before Halo Online can truly be called the new Halo for PC. However, El Dewrito shows off the great potential Halo Online, and Halo in general, has on PC. The next big steps would be getting a working matchmaking system and/or a working file sharing system. I’m sure this is something many modders are working towards, but there is no way of knowing when, or if, this will ever actually happen.
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