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EA Sports UFC 2 Release Date Announced


The UFC brand has grown exponentially these past few months due to young new fighters such as Ronda Rousey taking the sport by storm and growing a strong fan base. With the entire brand being at an all time high in popularity, it makes sense to release their latest entry into the UFC series of games fairly soon. Players won't have to wait much longer because EA Sports UFC 2 will be making its way to shelves on March 15th, 2016 for the Xbox One and PS4.

The original EA Sports UFC game was released back in mid 2014 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This was the first UFC title to be released ever since THQ went out of business, along with their UFC Undisputed series of games. EA quickly acted upon the opportunity and thus a deal was reached between the UFC and EA and production for the first EA Sports UFC began. Because of this, the Fight Night series of boxing games was put on hold by EA since their UFC line of games were more important, thus they took priority.

EA also took this opportunity to release a new cinematic trailer for the game which can be viewed above. They also announced that there will be an incentive provided to those who pre-order the game. This package consists of 3 extra fighters coming unlocked with the game, two of which were named today. The two fighters are Kazushi Sakuraba and Bas Rutten, the third fighter is being kept as a secret for now but representatives over at EA have claimed that it's someone very exciting. UFC 2 will serve as a nice upgrade to the first game, with new character models, new knockout and physics engines and brand new game modes for players to enjoy. What do you think? Will you be purchasing this game? Leave your thoughts below!

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