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EA is Changing to Become "Player First"


In the recent months, EA hasn't been the best when it came to the public spotlight. The company was voted one of the worst companies of 2013. However, the new CEO Andrew Wilson wants to "shift the mentality of the company to become player first". In a recent interview on Gamespot, Andrew Wilson talked about how EA and its future. It goes without question that the company needs to do a complete 180 in order for it to get back up on its feet, and that's exactly how Wilson feels. "In all honesty, as I came into the role, there was this sense in the marketplace that maybe we weren't doing all that we could for the player," Wilson said. "And my objective number one was to really re-instill a player-first mentality; a player-first culture inside the organization."

Wilson also felt like the company "wasn't doing all that we could for the player". He wants to completely change that, and become one of the biggest "player first" companies out there. Some of the ways that he listed were to show games earlier, just like the company did when they showed BioWares next Mass Effect. Another was to release public betas early, just like they did with Battlefield Hardline. Both of these alone could get EA far, but it still needs to regain its once popular fanbase, now turned against them due to their decisions in the past. It also came as a shock to many when EA decided not to release a new Need for Speed game this year, marking the first ever year EA has not released anything.

However, even with all the negativity that EA has received, it still has some fans hopeful for a fresh start, and a new look on gaming. Since their new "player-first" policy has launched, EA has received a lot of positive feedback from the community. Wilson also pointed out that the company is moving away from the "on-and-off" releases, hints the reason why a Need for Speed game wasn't released this year. He wants players to be able to play their games for months and months, not just for a week or two. "...I want them to come in and be part of a universe, immersed in an interactive experience they play for six months, eight months, ten months." The objective, according to Wilson, isn't to give you small, sporadic experiences that may last two to three weeks. Instead, he wants to give gamers experiences to remember, to become addicted to, and to enjoy.

What are your thoughts on what Wilson wants to do with EA? Do you think EA's future looks brighter, or even slimmer? For me, personally, what EA is doing, and what EA plans on doing in the future may just bring them back to the company they once were. It also may sink them, and cause them to drown again. It's a fifty-fifty chance, and they may or may not make it on either side.

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