Well it looks like EA upheld their reputation today by letting current gen BF4 users know that they are “out of luck” when it comes to upgrading their digital content to next gen. Customers who pre-ordered BF4 to receive a code for the DLC – “China Rising” are not eligible to transfer their content when switching to a digital next gen version of the game. This was reported by various users.

"I bought BF4 for my PS3, I waited to redeem my download code until after the PS4 came out and I utilized the 10 dollar upgrade to the PS4 version," said buckethead. "I go to download China Rising Today and it won’t let me download for free. Start an advisor chat and EA has evidently decided this afternoon that if you took this path to upgrade your game you are out of luck and have to pay 14.99 or buy Premium to get it."

This quote from EA user “buckethead232” who had problems trying to download his copy of China Rising after he upgraded physical copy of BF4 for PS3 to a digital one for the next gen Sony console. Unfortunately for him he was unable to do so. According to the transcript between the user and EA customer support, they replied with it “can’t help”.

"There are two conditions of getting the China Risings Expansion" the rep is alleged to have said. "1-Customers should have pre-ordered Battlefield 4 for their Next Gen Console at full retail price... OR... 2- Customers should have purchased Battlefield 4 Premium for either their Gen 3 or Gen 4 Console." NeoGAF user – “TheVanillaGorilla” has claimed that they were offered a 15 percent voucher "as a token of appreciation" for their trouble. "I can't support that," the user wrote. "Bye bye BF4." Other users may also have been affected by this recent blunder from EA.

So for those of you who wanted to get your copy of China Rising for free after your console upgrade, it appears that is no longer a viable option for you. However you if you purchased Battlefield 4 Premium on your current gen console then you will be able to transfer any and all DLC to your next gen upgrade. Personally I've never been a fan of EA, not since the release of the 360/PS3 at least, I feel that they have been cutting a lot of corners, spitting out the same old game year after year and are doing anything they can to ensure a little bit of extra cash and honestly, this does not surprise me. What are your thoughts on this issue? I hope for the sake of you BF4 players hoping to do this that the issue is resolved, although knowing EA that won’t happen!