Some exciting news was revealed today at San Francisco's UBS Global Technology Conference. One of the speakers at the conference, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen, went on to say that EA’s recent triple A title, Star Wars: Battlefront, will be receiving multiple sequels over the course of EA’s 10 year licensing deal with Disney. The games will span many different genres, and will launch not only on consoles and PC, but mobile as well.

During Jorgensen’s segment, he also went went into further detail about EA’s deal with Disney. Jorgensen confirmed that while the deal gives EA access to the six already released Star War films, they’ll also be able to cover the upcoming Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, and all other upcoming Star Wars releases which will include spinoffs as well as core installments in the franchise. While EA has no plans to make movie tie-ins, it’ll be interesting to see what they’ll produce with all of the content they currently have access to. While the Battlefront games are limited to the original Star Wars trilogy, EA sill plans to make more Battlefront games in the future.

EA Canada has reportedly been working on an open-world Star Wars game as a part of the 10 year deal for a while now. In addition to this, Visceral Games is currently developing another Star Wars game. What the exact project is, well that’s completely unknown. There have been rumors floating around that the game will take a dip into the RPG genre.

EA has no limits to what they can do with this deal, with access to all past and future content, they can milk the deal for everything it’s worth. The only thing EA needs to follow in the deal, is that they need to stay true to everything in the Star Wars franchise. They seem to be doing well with this so far, as many players have praised Star Wars: Battlefront for its authenticity. Speaking of Battlefront, make sure you check out EA’s guide and tips and tricks for the game.

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