The annual FIFA update has arrived, with EA Sports wanting you to score glorious goals, play as a team and experience the most realistic FIFA yet. On the 17th of April, EA’s developers released the first confirmed details and screenshots for FIFA 14, which included features such as ‘how to score like Lionel Messi’. The redesign of the ball physics, along with the introduced artificial intelligence, mean FIFA fanatics are going to get a “complete matchday experience”.

Firstly, the Pure Shot feature aims to make shooting feel more realistic. Different shots will be used depending on the players’ stride, approach and balance. If your player’s being rushed, it will be reflected in the quality and power of the shot. Furthermore, the new ball physics will help provide a further realistic feel, ensuring that balls have the correct trajectories.

Not a skill master? No worries, the new Skill Games mode will provide fun and unique tutorials on how to complete that Fake Shot and Stop you’ve always wanted to do. The Skill Games mode will help those newbies get to grips with the skill side of FIFA, whilst allowing those skilling experts a place to develop and master already known skill moves.

Now we mustn’t forget career mode. A lot like its predecessor, FIFA 13, the new title will incorporate the Global Scouting Network. This allows gamers to scope players throughout the year. Then, once the transfer window begins, gamers are able to purchase said players, with hopes of snatching a bargain.

Next, there’ve been a few other changes to how the game will flow. Players will be able to change direction quickly with Sprint Dribble turns, or fend off defenders with a new Protect the Ball feature. Already skill-based players will have further control over the ball while sprinting. The higher the skill of the player, the better touch and control the player will have.

Lastly, A.I will make your CPU-controlled teammates better attackers and defenders. This has been done through the development of the Teammate Intelligence. The A.I will be more decisive when it comes to tracking runs, along with marking and looking to make an interception. A.I teammates will also look to run into space, and try to shake off defenders.

To conclude on a potential sorrowing note, FIFA 14 has currently been announced for the Xbox 360, PlayStation and PC. However, a spokesperson for the company announced that additional formats would be proclaimed in the future months.