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EA Access Vault FREE for Xbox One Gold Members Next Week

EA Access is opening up the game vault to all Xbox One Gold members between January 19th and January 24th. The vault contains 14 of EA's favorite...
By SSL · Jan 16, 2016 · Updated Jan 17, 2016
  1. SSL
    Image Credits:Major Nelson
    EA has recently announced that they are allowing Xbox One Gold members to have full access to all of the games in the EA Vault between January 19 and January 24. The vault features 14 EA games, including Battlefield Hardline, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, and Titanfall. After January 24th, you will need to purchase an EA Access subscription to access the vault games. EA Access is great for gamers who recently got a console, or don't have very many games. New games are added throughout the year, as well as Early Access games. This is a great kick starter for your game library, and even your wallet. As a subscriber, you will get 10% off all EA digital purchases on the Xbox One.

    EA Access is available to all Xbox Live members at a cost of $5 monthly, or $30 annually. This is a very low cost for anyone who takes advantage of the offer. Included in your subscription are many perks, at a very low cost. One of those perks is having access to 14 of EA's favorites right on your Xbox dashboard. You also get early access to many new games, including the upcoming UFC: 2. Subscribers will have a 10 hour trial on each new release. Stats, achievements, unlockables, and all other progress is automatically saved, so if you plan to buy the game after your trial is up, all of your progress will carry over.
    The current list of EA games in the vault are posted below:


    Source - Major Nelson

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  1. Wavy
    Might actually get off BO3 to try out some Battlefield for a change.
  2. Gardzz
    Even though I won't play an of the games that EA are releasing from that list, it's still awesome they are doing this!
  3. Aruseus123
    The Need for Speed team (Ghost Games) is using this event to try and get players to play their new title. They're actually the only team that promoted this event so respect to them, their game is good.
  4. Stonerzard
    Hahaha, there's honestly no point in downloading NHL 15..you're much better off just playing NHL 04 on the PS2.
  5. Mister Whiskers
    Not interested and honestly with it being EA i feel like its a trap.
    1. denz
      Probably to give you a trial but you still have to download the games. Goof luck with **** net or data cap.
    2. ItsMar10n
      I got ea access for a year for 22.67 $. It was worth it for that price. I will probably be bored of the games after one year...
  6. denz
    Yes boys, the xbox players can finally play Peggle.
    1. Gardzz
      Don't knock it until you have tried it, Denz. :wink:
    2. denz
      What, I was recommending a high quality game that makes excellent content for MLG montages Kappa.
  7. 3xTiNcT
    I better get an extra 14 days added to my year subscription...
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    2. SSL
      The games inside the vault are ALL free, until your subscription runs out. Trails include 10 hours of full access on every new EA game.
    3. Stoner
      yeah I knew that part :tongue: I mean for the gold members are they only getting free play days so they only get certain games for a few days or do they just get the whole vault for free without a subscription
    4. 3xTiNcT
      They get it all for just the 14 days.
  8. televisedfool
    Great for people unsure about the service and if it's for them.

    Personally I think the vault could use some touching up and a bunch more games.
      fettyjeff likes this.
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    2. Stoner
      yeah I agree man they need to get more games added in there
    3. SSL
      Yeah I can't wait for UFC 2 to come out. Instead of Pub stomping in cod, it'll be pubstomping in UFC
    4. fettyjeff
      Definitely no question about it. Good certainly do with more games added.
  9. Dillon Francis
    Great but EA is nothing honestly early trails we're amazing though
    1. View previous replies...
    2. 3xTiNcT
      I stayed on extra long for you and you were on Battlefront... lol. Well you might as well get the most out of ea access.
    3. SSL
      Dang man im sorry.. I didn't know you were on ;c
    4. 3xTiNcT
      It's cool lol